Wolf Walker Jewelry Classes

WOLF WALKER JEWELRY is inviting the public for jewelry creation, jewelry restyling, and the repairing of your jewelry, either as a class for you, or for me (click jewelry repair tab on navigation bar), to create, restyle, or repair your jewelry! You will be taught jewelry techniques, procedures, and the best of all, learn at your own pace; you pick the hours and days (see below). As an important note, you will continue to maintain a balanced jewelry investment budget! Begin with Gold or Sterling Silver or Copper, etc., or carve a wax for casting a custom jewelry piece for a gift or present for that some one special. Turn your jewelry idea into the creative reality! Have broken jewelry lying in the jewelry box, then grab it and bring it in for a repair! Or maybe you have jewelry that is not broken, but sort of has lost the appeal that it once possessed. Grab it and bring it in for a restyling! If you have a combination of broken, and non-appealing jewelry items, then grab it and let's create a completely new jewelry item for your....! Prior to beginning your "repair" class, take pictures from all sides of the jewelry piece, and if your camera is able very clear shots, the more images the better for me to accurately evaluate what part needs to be repaired/ replaced/ on your jewelry piece. Take pictures of your broken jewelry, missing stone jewelry, whether it is earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings, chains, or whatever jewelry item you may have (email the images to me), then you are ready to begin class! Once in the class, take your time, there's no rush, for the classes are held through out the week! Presently, classes are held in Collinsville at the Cherokee Community Organization, and the Tahlequah Facility (Cherokee Arts Center). Wolf Walker Jewelry is seeking other Cherokee Community Organization Facilies, and non-Cherokee Community Organization Facilies to hold jewelry classes. Better yet for you, the potential jewelry student, is to have you host the jewelry class(es)(email or call at 918-773-8950)! In the event that you are not able to construct, restyle, or repair your own jewelry item, I will gladly repair (a charge is involved), and/ or assist in creating the jewelry item.

If you think that you only have the choice of a 3 hour class, your incorrect. Not able to take a straight 3 hour class then take a one, two, or a three class hour(s)! The cost for the first hour of class time per student is $30.00, and $25.00 for each additional hour up to 3 hours. $70.00 if paying for a straight 3 hour class, plus the materials used in the repair and/ or constructing the jewelry item. A jewelry inspection will be performed before any jewelry repair is undertaken, so that any additional material will be ordered, and the estimated time of the repair completion will be known. Once you know the estimated time to complete the repair (repair worked on by you, or me) When you are finished with the pay process, please email me by clicking the word "contact" located in the navigation bar, along with the message of your desired class DATE.

Depending on the geo-location, class size is from yourself (1) to 4 (four) or possibly more students! Why the "depending on the geo-location?" To be clear, in Tahlequah, OK, a facility is available to hold jewelry classes, and is understood to be a "shared workspace". This Tahlequah metalsmith facility has a large room with 10-15 jewelry benches (and more in the basement), with the equipment to teach more than four jewelry (4) students, and is available 7 days a week with working times from 8am- 9pm. Other than holding a class, or classes at the Tahlequah OK geo-location facility, the maximum amount of students that I the instructor am able to enroll is four (4) students per class. The reason is I provide one (1) to four (4) student benches, tools and equipment at a prearranged local Community Center (if the Center rent is not exorbitant(near you (or your residence... ideal!))) to conduct the jewelry making/ creation experience! If you are located within a convenient driving distance of Collinsville, then below are the present times, days, and the Tahlequah location has previously been explained. As you have read, I have an open appointment time for classes, mobile repair, and this is what I have not mentioned; presently an approximate 75 mile driving radius of Vian, OK. Please contact me to discuss any further details.

Below are available days for 3 hour class(es) with a fee of $70.00 per class

*The times, dates, and charges for class instructing are subject to change, with notice

Below are available days for the first (1st) hour class fee of $30.00

*The times, dates, and charges for class instructing are subject to change, with notice

Below are available days for the second (2nd) hour class fee of $25.00

*The times, dates, and charges for class instructing are subject to change, with notice

Below are available days for the third (3rd) hour class fee of $25.00

*The times, dates, and charges for class instructing are subject to change, with notice